About Isaac

Explore tools and concepts in risk management in biotech with me.

I love to learn and I love helping my colleagues.

If you are like me, you often leave work with your mind teeming with knowledge and ideas. This site is a digital forum where I can pursue and expand on those ideas creatively.

This blog is meant to share what I have learned and to fuel my love of writing. It is all non-proprietary information that will help Quality professionals, especially those in the biotech sector. I write especially for those who are in a similar position to me career-wise. It is also a career site where I will develop my brand.

The images are almost all my own. They are predominantly nature photos from my many hikes and day trips in Oregon, Minnesota and Washington. Other images are fully credited.

If you want to know more about a concept or image, or you want to be a part of my network, contact me! If an article benefited you, let me know.